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The ring was formally adopted in 1889. The design has remained largely unchanged until 1963 when the school’s name changed from The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas to Texas A&M University.


It is worn by students and graduates who have met the requirements of their class. It allows Aggies to recognize each other in almost any environment or setting.


Students wear the ring with their class year facing them until graduation after which it is reversed to face out as they “face the world.”


  On receipt of their ring many chose to “dunk” it.  Some do so in non-alcoholic beverages, some in ice cream and still others in beer.


The ring is steeped in symbolism.  The shield is to protect the reputation of the University. The thirteen stripes represent the original states while the five stars symbolize student development in: mind, body, spiritual attainment, emotional poise, and integrity of character.  The large star represents Texas, the cannon, saber and rifle the willingness to defend the state and nation. Finally, the crossed flags of Texas and the United States reflect the unbreakable dual allegiance to both.

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