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The Aggie band was formed in 1894.  Over time it evolved in the largest military marching band in the world with over 400 members.  During its performances over 300 cadets take the field. It exclusively plays traditional marching music. Every half time show is unique to that game without a repeat in a given season.

     The members of the band are all in the Corps of Cadets and live in the same dormitories. There are exacting tryouts to become a member and each applicant, in addition to their musical and marching skills, is interviewed by the Director.  Typically, the band puts in a 40-hour week of practice in addition to their academic requirements. The band, as a whole, rehearses every morning for 90 minutes on a game week. The Band is organized into the Infantry band and Field Artillery Band.

     The Aggie Band has played at Presidential Inaugurations, as well as those of the Governor of the State of Texas. The Band played at President George HW Bush’s inauguration and funeral.

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