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     The Fish Pond is a fountain that was donated by the Class of 1938 to commemorate the 30 members of their class who died in World War II.  Included in that group was Major HS Carswell Jr who was awarded the Medal of Honor and for whom Carswell AFB in Ft Worth was named. Over 950 Aggies gave their lives in World War II.

        In 1975 and again in 1992, the class of 1977 funded the refurbishment of the fountain. In 2011 the Fish Pond was relocated from the intersection of Ross and Houston streets to the front of Sbisa Dining Hall.

    When the Aggie football team wins a home game the Freshmen of the Corps of Cadets carry the Yell Leaders from Kyle Field to the Fish Pond and throw them in.  This if followed by a Yell Practice at the Fish Pond.

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