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The original Mess Hall on the campus of The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas burned down on 11 November 1911. Bernard Sbisa, an Austrian immigrant fed Aggies wholesome meals for over 50 years.  The only time he was late with a meal was for breakfast the day the facility burned down.  He still managed to feed the entire Corps by 10:15 AM.


    The new facility, which was to become Sbisa Mess Hall, was started in 1912 and completed in 1913.  It was the largest unobstructed dining facility in the world at the time. The Mess Hall was situated at the end of the Military Walk. Today it remains one of the largest dining facilities in the nation and is the largest on campus. It underwent extensive renovations and today feeds thousands of Aggies and visitors daily in the expansive interior as well as fast food facilities in the basement.  It is one of the historic and iconic structures on campus and the repository of 94 years of Aggie memories. Bernard Sbisa insisted that he fed the finest group of young men in the world.

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