The Rudder Association Adds Three Board Members

Jose Quintana, Class of 1981, Elizabeth Holle, Class of  1992, and Andy Hansen, Class of 1971 have been elected to the Board of Directors for The Rudder Association. They are dedicated Aggies who have distinguished themselves as effective leaders and difference makers in TAMU organizations such as the Texas Engineering Extension Service, Quad Moms, and The Association of Former Students. These Aggies have all expressed their desire to help the TRA objective of insuring that the Spirit of Aggieland will continue to be experienced by generations to come. 

The Rudder Association Treasurer Position
The Rudder Association is taking applications for the Treasurer position.  
The volunteer position will soon be vacated by the highly capable current Treasurer, Mr. Emile Soulier. Interested parties should contact the TRA via telephone or email.
Telephone: (979) 325-2411

Current News

The following was distributed to students at an event featuring Zuby, an Oxford-educated Anglo-African speaker and global internet influencer. His “Twenty Observations” challenged progressive assumptions. The event was not covered by the campus newspaper.


Who Does The Batt Belong To?

     The Rudder Association is proud to sponsor tonight’s speaker—even if he says something that you or we might disagree with. Because we think the most important aspect of diversity is the diversity of opinions that free societies require to flourish. That’s why we were disappointed that The Battalion has apparently changed its minds and will not  run our brief response to their lengthy “expose” on TRA:

     The student journalists at The Battalion should be commended for their meticulously researched and well-written expose’ on The Rudder Association. It was like something you might see produced by the professional journalists at The Texas Tribune, Fox News, or CNN, which is also to say the facts seemed to have been presented in a way to lead the reader to a predetermined conclusion. The problem with that approach though is that such advocacy journalism is helping to tear our country apart. Perhaps future Aggie journalists will be part of the solution.

      But that’s beside the point because TRA was never asked, nor did we offer an opinion about whether The Batt should continue in printed form or what relationship it should have to a journalism department. We think it was “advocacy” because the piece highlighted reported comments and previous initiatives from people who are no longer (or never were) members of our organization in order to support a divisive narrative. 

     To be clear, TRA supports diversity and in the broadest sense of the term, because higher education is failing its students today. If you haven’t been exposed to a multicultural experience on this campus of 150 nationalities, that’s on you. But if you haven’t been exposed to a variety of viewpoints by your faculty or staff, that’s on the rest of us. We also support student speech and academic freedom which are increasingly threatened on college campuses today. We also believe A&M should be, and in fact, is an inclusive culture. But we believe inclusion should not be a euphemism for segregation, and equity should continue to mean treating individuals fairly and impartially.

     We stand in opposition to any agenda which would seek to divide black Aggies from white or old army from new. The Aggie family has never meant more to me than it does since my father, class of ’69, passed two months ago here in College Station. As my daughter is a current Aggie student, her grandfather’s name will be called at the campus muster. “Once you’re an Aggie, you’re always an Aggie” Coach Blair said at his retirement earlier this month. To his dying day, my dad’s classmates were his second family.

      The Rudder Association welcomes the membership and input of anyone on or off-campus of that same Spirit. We will continue to engage with state and university leadership on issues affecting current and future students, which we see as not only a right but a responsibility. Each subsequent generation of Aggies has experienced anew that Spirit grounded in tradition. As we shape our state and nation’s future, we must continue to be shaped by that Spirit or we will lose something which we cannot reclaim. There are many schools you could have chosen where graduates receive their degree and never look back. The Rudder Association exists to ensure that Texas A&M never becomes one of those places. On that point at least, we plead guilty as charged.

     We believe they excluded this not to protect students from a false narrative, but because it exposed their longstanding agenda. As a former student journalist recently posted “Their agenda is largely not pro-student inclusivism, and is rather supporting only liberal-leaning students.” But shouldn’t the student newspaper reflect the views and values of more than just a narrow, self-replicating clique? If you agree, we ask you to join The Rudder Association. We are making student memberships free. All we ask is that you provide us with your permanent contact information. Also, consider applying to be a student journalist at—just don’t tell them you heard it from us.


Matt Poling ’90 is the Communications Director for The Rudder Association

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