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Thinkin' About the A&M Foundation

By Ima Thinkin

On February 24, 2021 Texas A&M Foundation announced it had raised $4.25 Billion, making it Texas’ largest higher education campaign. THAT’S WONDERFUL, don’t you think? That got Ol’ Ima Thinkin. How exactly do they decide which students are given free full-ride scholarships, and which ones must work and borrow money for the same education?

Did y’all see the pictures of what Ol’ Ima saw? On the first day of class in the fall of 2020 a freshman was bragging about getting a full-ride academic scholarship while at the same time taking a picture of herself giving the one-finger salute to Ol' Sully. All the while, other students with very similar backgrounds, have received nothing from that $4.25 Billion that the Foundation is so proud of.


There are two GOOD AGGIE students I know who could finish their degrees for about $15,000 each without going into debt, while Miss Sully Finger gets $80,000 to $100,000.


Ima Thinkin’ ... will the Foundation ever make this right?

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