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     The Corps of Cadets was formed with the founding of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas.  The Corps of Cadets is the oldest student organization on campus. All students were required to be in the Corps until 1964 when women were admitted. In 1965 the Corps became voluntary.  Women were admitted to the Corps in 1974 and were initially in all female units.  It subsequently became coeducational with women in all units.

     Members of the Corps have fought in every US military conflict since 1876.  Over 20,000 Aggies served in WW II and the school commissioned more officers than West Point and Annapolis combined.  

     Today’s Corps has in excess 2500 cadets.  While cadets undergo ROTC military and leadership training not all cadets seek or obtain a commission in the military services.  Many participate for the leadership training, camaraderie, and discipline as well as the time-honored tradition of being the “Keepers of the spirit”.

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