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The protection of identities is paramount to the operation of The Rudder Association, Inc. The identities of the authors of all email and direct Association contact will be kept confidential and guarded unless otherwise directed at the author’s direction.


The Rudder Association is committed to helping any Texas A&M student, professor or employee who feels their 1st Amendment Rights have been violated, or who may have experienced discrimination in any form. We will assist in formulating the facts of your case, helping present to the TAMU Administration, and ultimately if needed, connect with a professional defense team. The Rudder Association will maintain strict adherence to confidentiality or anonymity in assisting in these matters.


For all general questions to The Rudder Association, Inc. please submit or contact us here.

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Specific information regarding incidents at Texas A&M of 1st Amendment Rights violations or any form of discrimination may be submitted here.

Mailing Address

The Rudder Association, INC

1511 South Texas Ave, Box 307

College Station, Texas 77840-3303

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