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Our Projects



The Rudder Association is providing a means to delineate and present a candid and honest awareness of the culture dynamics and FACTUAL News of Events at Texas A&M. Educating former, current, and future Aggies in these matters is a key strategy in The Rudder Association’s mission to help invigorate an environment and culture for developing leaders for Texas, its communities and beyond.  We are developing Pod Casts of interviews of current students, former students, and faculty to bring the truth directly to Aggies.  We are also working on avenues to bring various news articles and information directly to Aggies without Censorship or Bias.


College campuses should be marketplaces of ideas not centers for indoctrination. Faculty should feel free to pursue scientifically valid research and follow it wherever the empirical evidence leads. Students should be exposed to a diversity of viewpoints and be permitted and encouraged to engage in robust classroom dialogue without fear of censure or discrimination.  The Rudder Association will hold the administration accountable for providing such an environment.


The Rudder Association is working to create a number of programs to Recruit Students who desire to attend Texas A&M to experience and Embrace the Spirit of Aggieland.  Our goal is to recruit students that have a passion for Texas A&M Traditions, Culture, Core Values and Academic excellence. We are building scholarship programs, High School Visit Initiatives.  In addition, we are developing a Specific Texas A&M Corps of Cadets recruitment initiative to double the size of the Corps!!


The Rudder Association is dedicated to helping Texas A&M recruit faculty and LEADERS that understand and appreciate the Spirit of Aggieland. We will work with the Chancellor, the Board of Regents, Texas Legislature and Leaders of the Texas A&M System to recruit leaders who respect the Core values of Duty, Honor, Integrity, Selfless Service, Soldier and Statesman that have helped make Texas A&M students a desired resource worldwide.


The Rudder Association is focused on helping current students Promote, Perpetuate and Embrace the Spirit of Aggieland.  We are dedicated to helping any student organization further the Core values of Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, Selfless Service that have helped make Texas A&M students a desired resource worldwide.

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